SIFU INU The really fun way to win the world’s most airdrops and highest APY!


We’re all about making money and having a good time! So why not combine the two? That’s where Sifu Inu comes in. We make it fun to make money in the crypto sphere!

Our token, Sifu Inu, is a profit-generating meme token that introduces an element of fun to those who hold it. We have combined profit-sharing and game theory tokenomics to form an entertaining and innovative way of generating passive income.

Every day we play a game of chance to determine how much our investors will receive in airdrops. That means DAILY rewards! Plus, we offer one of the highest staking APY’s!

Our investors have fun wondering how much they’ll receive each day and feel good knowing their investment is giving them a great, reliable return!

What is Sifu Inu ($SIFU)?

Sifu Inu is an income generating meme token full of exciting surprises and rewards!

The name Sifu Inu is an ode to Shiba Inu, a meme token that managed to appreciate in value by nearly 25 million % in 2021—a bigger increase than even Bitcoin or Ethereum! The other part of our name, Sifu, is inspired by Japanese martial art sensei’s who had mastered their Kung Fu practice. In Cantonese, Sifu translates to Master, while in Japanese, Inu means Dog. So, Sifu Inu literally means Master Dog.

To us, dogs symbolize joy. Therefore, Sifu Inu is the perfect name to represent who we are: a community committed to finding the joy in mastering our investments.

So Where’s The Fun?

Sifu Inu, or SIFUfor short, introduces an entertaining element that is revolutionizing income generation… A game of chance determines how many rewards will be divvied up to our investors each day!

How Does It Work?

Each day at Sifu Inu, we spin the Wheel of Coin to determine how much our Sifu Inu stakers will earn in airdrops that day. This game of chance mixed with the reliability of rewarding airdrops makes for a fun and profitable investment! Not to mention, our stakers receive one of the highest APY’s in the crypto world: 3,564% APY!

To break it down, our investors first must buy our Sifu Inu token. Then they can easily stake their Sifu on our leading-edge staking platform—don’t worry, it’s easy to use! Then, all they have to do is sit back and reap the rewards!

The more Sifu an investor has staking, the bigger percentage of the airdrop they receive. Airdrops will be distributed on a weekly basis. And staking rewards can be claimed at the end of each 30-day staking period.

What are the $SIFU Tokenomics?

The 10% SIFU buy/sell tax breaks down as follows:

4% Marketing 
3% Airdrop 
2% Liquidity 
1% Dev

Sounds Great! But What Is Staking?

Staking is a process in which token holders lock up their crypto for a period of time in return for receiving rewards and interest. This is similar to an interest-bearing savings account at a bank.

Our staking periods are 30 days long. Meaning, when a Sifu Inu holder stakes their Sifu, it will be locked for 30 days. They will not be able to access it during that time. But it will not disappear! After 30 days are up, the holder claims their Sifu Inu tokens back PLUS interest! 1.15% interest per day, to be exact!

Is There More?

Yes! We’ve just added NFT’s to the mix! All of our NFT’s can be staked, but each one provides a different APY. The catch? Each NFT and its particular APY won’t be revealed until AFTER purchase! Yet another fun opportunity to get into the DeFi world in an exciting, yet profitable way.

Anything Else?!

Yes! We have a big announcement!

Our little Sifu had a BABY! And this little one is chalk full of surprises as well!

Meet Baby Rewards Jackpot, or BRJ as we like to call her!


What is Baby Rewards Jackpot

Baby Rewards Jackpot ($BRJ) is also a meme coin setup to bring its holders big profits in fun ways. First, 3% of every BRJ buy/sell automatically goes back to all BRJ holders. But that’s not even the best part!

Baby Rewards Jackpot has a—you guessed it—Jackpot!


Sounds fun! So How Does the
Jackpot Work?

Every purchase of $BRJ contributes to the jackpot and everyone who purchases at least .1 BNB worth of $BRJ is automatically eligible to
participate in the Jackpot.

As the Jackpot fills with every BRJ transaction, eventually (usually quickly!) the Jackpot will fill to 10 BNB. At that point, the 10 minute timer
can begin. If no one purchases BRJ in those ten minutes then the last person to have bought BRJ wins! But if someone does purchase BRJ once the timer has begun, then the timer is reset and the Jackpot fills even higher!

The Jackpot winner receives 50% of the Jackpot and the other 50% is split, 25% going toward the next Jackpot and the other 25% being distributed to the rest of the holders who purchased BRJ during that Jackpot round! The amount of the Jackpot a BRJ holder receives will be based on the amount of BRJ that they purchased during that round. The more BRJ someone buys then the more of the Jackpot they receive.

This way, everyone’s a winner with Baby Rewards Jackpot!

Plus! When the BRJ Jackpot reaches 100BNB then our cherry bomb feature is ignited! At that point, 50% of the Jackpot will go to a BRJ buyback and burn. This will then increase the BRJ price, so all holders will benefit. Then the other 25% of the Jackpot will go to the start of the next Jackpot and the remaining 25% of the Jackpot will get rewarded between those who bought BRJ during that Jackpot round according to how much they purchased. Again, the more BRJ someone buys, the more they’ll be rewarded from the Jackpot!


What Else Can Baby Rewards Jackpot Do?

BRJ also has all the amazing airdrops and high APY‘s that SIFU has! That’s 3,564% APY for staking BRJ ! That means more opportunities to have fun and make money!!!

Plus! BRJ holders will be rewarded 3% of all transactions in our mother coin $SIFU! No staking will be required to earn these SIFU rewards!


What are the $BRJ Tokenomics?

For every transaction a 16% tax is applied to reward holders with larger jackpots and a stable liquidity pool. So, the 16% BRJ buy/sell taxes
breakdown as follows:

3% Sifu Buys (rewards that go to all RWJ holders)
3% Jackpot
2% Liquidity
2% NFT Staking Rewards
2% Marketing
2% Team
2% Dev

NFT stakers will now receive rewards through BRJ airdrops! 2% of BRJ transactions will now be going to NFT stakers!

Sifu Inu Makes No Claims, Promises, or Guarantees of Returns on Investments.

All Content Is Subject To Change.